Dust, Wipe, Game-On!


Pain. Burn. Despair. All this in one sucker punch, and dealt to you. You are now broken. Down in an abyss of darkness and hopelessness. Life no more remains an open opportunity, but merely a routine formality that you must live through. Every second is as painful as the earlier one, and the one that will follow. The brightest ray of hope you have is a sudden turn of events where you wake up from your sleep and find yourself dreaming the worst nightmare of your life. But the odds of that happening deceive you, and you accept that you really are a piece of shit. Still no light. You are deeper than you ever were. Some poet might propose the phrase ‘hit the rock-bottom’ for your standing in the larger scheme of things. And yes, there is still a bag full of shit with you. Reminiscence is a relief-giver, and also the way that takes you deeper into this bottomless pit. Irony, as a word, sounded nice, so nice that you would search for this figure of speech in everything that you read. Its ‘ironic’ that you happen to be a standing example of the same. You have now started blaming yourself. Yes, that you are responsible for everything that happened, and all the bad things that will happen in the future. The circle of life still rolling. You start believing in karma. What you dealt out to others, shall be done to you. You now wait for things to happen to you. And when they do, you edit the definition of the phrase ‘hit the rock-bottom’. You have no control of things around you, or inside you. Powerlessness has demonstrated itself in the hedious-most fashion. You have nowhere to go, but deeper down. And as all this happens to you, a Million-Dollar Question. When would be the time you say to yourself – “WHAT the F**k??” Yes, because that would be the point you will become eligible to read what follows.

Recap. You are filthy, bleeding, down on the ground, puffing dirt onto your own face. You are in the field. In the middle of a game called Life. It is a physical game. Some refer to it as a bitch. Fairly so, the reason being that life would never give you a second chance, a rebound. Now, first things first. You were born weak. That was by design. Nothing you can control. But after you are born, its your game. You are the player. You make the rules. Goddamit you are the Ref too. How is that for a game? Life is no ballet dancing; its a bloodsport. You spill blood, and life will suck blood out of you in return. Simple give and take. You have to survive. Of course everyone else has to, too. Weakness is a trait that will cost you. You give in, they take the kill- nothing ‘mean’ about it, its what they must do. The whole point of looking life through the perspective of a sport is simple – To take life as a sport! The whole aim is to win the game, not necessarily fair and square, maybe even by hook or by crook. But the aim is to win. That is not to say you cannot lose. Yes you can.  And sometimes, you must. For no man becomes a true winner unless he has tasted the dirt enough. But life, is not a single game. Its a series of games, of increasing difficulty levels as we grow older through it, and most of the times there is more than just the game that is at stake. You win, you have more than just the game. You lose and the game takes away more than its fair share. But then that’s the whole definition of sport. So what do you do after you lose a game? You cry? Sure, some do. But do you stop playing the game? NO! A Win or a Loss is the essential finale’ of any game, which must be accepted. Like a man. You never hold grudge against the game, you just accept that you didn’t play to your strengths. Neither do you hold grudge against the opponent. Hell, he is the same as you, and wanted to win. Again, you start preparing for the next game and have nothing in your dreams but the moment of glory. Accepted, its not always as simple to get up and get along with the game. And nobody is asking you to. Lie down, let the blood spill. And when you think you can take more blows, get up. But while you are down, think of this- Are you alone in the team?


No! You are not. There are several others in the team who look up to you, who depend on you for this game, which incidentally happens to be their game too. Your father did not raise you to be a loser who cannot take a blow to the face. Your mother did not cook for you to be a whiny ass who cries fowl at every blow life deals to you. Your close ones are in this too. They are as much stakeholders in this as you are. That is what you must think of when you are flat down on the ground. That might just serve as the inspiration your bleeding nose and tired legs have been waiting for. Its a long game. And you are not even halfway through it. Its still winnable. And if it makes you feel any better, you would eventually win it. What it takes is a strong heart, a rational mind, and one hell of a determined mindset. Yes, life dragged you down. But its not a fowl. Because what doesn’t kill you, just makes you stronger. You stand up, you look at it in the eye, and Scream! Its your game! You shall take control! And not just that but you shall win! Life has drawn first-blood, sure, but the game is still on, and is full of opportunities to get even. To your advantage, you are more Man than you were before, and more determined to win than ever before. All it takes is to find your feet again. Just a few more moments while you are on the ground. After that, its DUST, WIPE and GAME-ON!




One thought on “Dust, Wipe, Game-On!

  1. The game is as you take it, if you call it a mean one it is indeed a mean game but if you call it a fun it is fun too…. the most important thing is to realize that as in any game you have many things that are out of your control, just a chance, a stake and those are the things that make the game interesting… you make it, you break it and you bleed in the heart but you still gotta get up and rise.and move forward becuase in this game someone else counts on you! 🙂

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