I shall walk a Thousand miles..

And I shall walk a thousand miles
The night be dark, the road not mine
For I have one bright spot in mind
And that is you, my love, my shine

It’s burning hot, the Sun helps naught
But I need no bread, I need no shade
I look up to the soothing calm
The kiss of love, the touch of her arms
And I shall walk a thousand miles..

It’s raining hard, the lightning roars
the thorns just make my spirits soar
The blood won’t make the journey long
The pain shall sweep away with her song
And yet she is far, a thousand miles!
But I move along, with limping files

The nature cried, So hard I tried
What makes you but go on and on?
If you had me asked, and I would have told
You can’t stop a man, who is out for his gold
And keep I walking a thousand miles,
for her earthly love, her heavenly smiles..


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