Rose, Moon and the Rain

The rose had a smell, a sweet smell of love
The bright red petals, had a heavenly glow
It was not just a rose, way more than just a flower
It was my symbol for Her, and her feminine power.

The moon at night, was so milky white!
My world would shine in it’s shimmering light
It was not just a part of the dull black sky,
It was a star for Her, the apple of my eye!

And when it rained, it never did too hard
For we would walk round the boulevard
It was not just a season, of an year so long
She would wait for it, with an urge so strong!

But things have changed, and gone is She
The moon in the sky, now laughs at me!
It stands but there, just plain in sight
As I cry my way through this heartless night.

How cold could you get? How harsh could you sound?
The rose is dead! For it hasn’t you around
And now dead it lays on the withered grass
With my life just as null, as it’s empty vase.

It rains outside, but I dare not go
It will bring back memories with a gushing flow
I live through you, with an eye so wet
It will make the rainy season sweat.
So stop you Rain! I need you Not!
Oh shining moon, Oh Rose so dead,
I need you Not! I need you Not!

I never had no real love for you
My love loved you, So I did too!
I wonder if you make her cry
I don’t think you do, so why should I?
She made her mind, and walked it then
And left me dying, and crying in pain
You can’t go hurting me on and on,
Have a last laugh night, ‘coz I’m nearing dawn!


3 thoughts on “Rose, Moon and the Rain

  1. When you are in love,Life really seems so rosy.. But when the dream sequence ends you wonder what was it all about..I would really like to shed more light on this abstract thing called Love but I think you already know a lot about it 😉

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