The Devil and I

I make it rain, I make it gloom,
I make your thoughts dark as they loom
With no sunshine, I make it hard to cope,
And with a masterstroke, squish all your hope.

Don’t you look down upon, my human will,
For I anchor upon my hope anvil.
I look beyond the rains, to an impending day,
The sun shines upon me, my mood cheerful and gay!

And what about the dark? The silence of the night?
With not the sound of a leaf, the absence of any light?
I draw pleasure in your  fear,the shivering of Mankind-
So visionary and brave in the day, come night- you’re weak  and blind!

Sure nights are dark as hell. But I hold up just well.
The prospect of a morning- Ahh! My spirits but just swell.
Only he fears who is alone- but I have Him with me,
Its not dark nor I’m blind, for His light still shines in me!

So what about the times, when I turn you man-on-man?
Fill each of you with hatred, turn each  one into Satan?
I love to see you crumbling, the fabric tearing apart,
To make the “bond” go breaking, I call it Devil’s fine-art.

Disillusioned we get sometimes, driven by ulterior means,
Soon we realize what’s at stake, and how low we had lean.
Then love shall make a way, purge each heart- make it clean,
We realize you took hold of us, the Devil we had been!

It seems I can’t defeat you, you have a spirit so strong!
If God exists, then You tell me- Why he lets me keep doing wrong?
Almighty is He, as you claim to be, He could have swept me off,
Yet you can see, that I exist, I fail to see the cause!

Belief is all I have- like you believe in evil,
I believe in a God- like for you, it’s the Devil.
And both must exist, like two faces of a pod,
Yet I need you more- for then I believe in my God!


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