The Bird

The sound of emptiness reverberates in me,

The dread of the dark is terrifying.

What once was pleasant calm to me, is now sadistically amplified.


I am trapped deep in the abyss of loneliness,

Inescapable, entwined in the shackles of the good old past.

What was supposed to be my flight, is now just an invited holocaust.


I reminisce over the moments we spent,

I choke on every glance of your sight.

They said boundaries cannot stop you but, these walls outlast my spirit and might.



And tears roll down my wrinkled face,

Have never laughed once, like I did in those days.

I left my smile on that street, in that time, where I last saw your lovely face.


If I could make it run backwards, wind the time that has flown me past,

If only I could turn back the clock,

I would never let go of the girl in my arms- let the mirage of those greater dreams be crushed with a mighty rock.


For now I know what life has me taught,

One should never kill the bird of love, no matter how inviting the shot.



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