About Me

A Mechanical Engineer by education; a Software developer by profession; and an artist at heart. And although I am far removed from any form of traditional art, I still consider myself an artist for the different view I hold of the world around me, for the die-hard romanticism I pack in my heart and for the hope of a better world I have in my dreams.

I believe each of us is born unique, and that everyone has his own unique view of the world. I hope to bring my artistic view across to you. I write what moves me – which for most of the times is an emotion. A Capricorn by birth, it’s no surprise that I am moved by intensely strong emotions. And instead of  labeling myself as an “emotional fool”, I prefer to see the beauty of this unique and sentient characteristic so common to all of us, yet each so different. I make a sincere attempt to put my view of our world in words that shall throw light upon my stance on things small and big. Here is hoping I get an eye that holds appreciation for my written word.

Thank you once again, I hope I shall be able to cater to your literary hunger. And yes, if you like it, show it! Keep reading!


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